One Utah. One Flag.

"This the emblem of our unity" 

—Woodrow Wilson, in a proclamation on the Stars and Stripes. May 31, 1916.


Then join hand in hand, brave Americans all! By uniting we stand, by dividing we fall.”

John Dickinson - 1768

Utah's flag is also the emblem of Utah's unity. We seek to restore the place of that emblem.
And, Our Unity.

Introducing the Initiative:

During the 2023 General Session, Utah legislators narrowly passed Senate Bill 31 (SB31)changing the Utah State Flag, but without allowing Utah to vote for our own flag.  (Read more here)

Volunteers have filed an official statewide initiative to put this state flag issue to a vote on the Nov. 2024 ballot in the general election. The goal: Vote to restore the Utah state flag as THE one state flag (repealing SB31, including the new flag).

In order to get this on the ballot, we need to gather at least 134,298 signatures from registered Utah voters—and we're doing it!

Utah should be able to VOTE for our own state flag.

1st Priority: Sign Your Name.

Are you a registered Utah voter? Great!
Get started by clicking the button below:

  NOTE: We cannot sign the initiative online  

  it must be signed in person.  

2nd: Gather Signatures.

We need YOUR help—and it's not difficult! You will simply:

3rd: Donate & Share the News.

Help us fund the rescue of our State Flag!

We are everyday citizens that do not have a lot of money. So, any amount you can donate to help us save our flag would be greatly appreciated. See our donation page for more information.

Finally: Vote.

When you vote on 11/4/2024,
be sure to vote FOR Restoring Utah's Flag.

Help us defend, honor and preserve 1847-2023

176 YEARS of History, Culture and Heritage.

Original Utah Flag


Utah's original state flag—which has only been updated with color and minor design refinements until the present day: The flag is dignified, with rich history and sincerely welcoming to ALL under the magnificent "wing" of our cooperative, industrious community.

Current Utah Flag

1913 - Present

Read the proposed bill that will, with this initiative, restore our beloved state flag. As Utah's singular, unifying state flag.

One Utah. One Flag.

"New" SB31 Flag

Taking Effect on 03/09/2024

Find out which Utah legislators voted to replace Utah's flag with this new design—without a vote from the people of Utah! Please contact your Utah state Senators and Representatives to ask them if they are yet listening (about our beloved flag)!

There are many ways to get involved. Please volunteer and help ensure the restoration of Utah's flag to it's proper, unifying status.

Being involved also unifies us! Let's come together on this bipartisan issue: to protect, preserve, and maintain our beloved Utah State Flag.